Maharshi’s glory in the lives of devotees

I am living in Ayodhya in Salem District. One year ago, I was born by my friend Ezhvarappar. My friend told me about the photo and the way of worship. From that day onwards I worship Ishvarakarishi. I am helping the organization of their meditation.

One day my daughter comes from school, and the sky was in a deep rainy atmosphere. My daughter is five years old. My father has gone to school for her to come from school. My mind was tearing up in the morning. Then I went to Maharshi’s photo and my daughter came home, so that I could not come rain until I prayed to Maharshi.
The time had passed, the sky did not rain for about 20 minutes in the atmosphere of the next minute to rain.I was standing in the door waiting for my daughter’s arrival. What a surprise! As I wanted, my father took me to my bike and came home to the door of the house for a few hours. I immediately thanked Maharshi. I thank him very much and thank you. I realized that the love of Ishwara Maharishi is crossing the limit
Thanks to Ishwara Maharishi!

Marriage hurdles ended

My name is Jagan I am from Pochampalli in Dharmapuri district. I am a government doctor thirty-five years old. When I met a number of astrologers, they went to Kulathivai and prayed that the marriage would be overturned and they did not get married for several months. One of the close friends in my house told me that Maharshi Ishvarapparai voted for a person in Coimbatore. I had no confidence in it. So I did not go. But my parents were just gone.

After a few days, my friend and I went to the place where the meditation was where we met the disciples of Maharishi. They gave me eleven lemons there. Two of them cut it and told them to light up in the morning Brahma aurangad. I did, according to what he said, after a couple of days. Thank you for Easvarappattu. I still serve them today.