History is a living thing that we have lived in. Many of those achievements were made by Mamakrishi Eswarpandar, the life story of Maharshi and his listeners.

Adventure History

Seeing the river through the river is unnecessary. Because they live in many births and make many achievements, they are kissing the karmas and traveling through many generations and walking the way through the river. The world will be exploited to live in the world. The highest Rishi is our Maharishi Ishvarappar’s biography of the mind, the memory of the mind and the joy of the soul.

Tapasvi Maharaj

The Vicar of the North, Yogi Maharaj, heard of the glory of Ishwara Maharshi and came to the temple to see him. Tappasvi Maharaj and Eiswara Maharshi Viji Maharaj is an enormous magnanimity. He lived a long life in yoga and increased his life. Viji Maharaj is known as Tapaswi Maharaj in Sunyaram. At first junior, I was impressed by the mesrisi. With the flowers, Maharshi worshiped the devotees and expressed his love. The meeting of these two tapes was a miraculous spiritual event. This ancient connection was a sacred meeting. Then they both met regularly.


Rishi means the inventor. Mamakarishi means bigger. Many are called maharisis Maarishis in the sky with the light and shape of the mantras in their eyes, they heard it and told the world. So they are called Rishi Mantras Many have not found all the mantras One Rishi has found a few mantras. The way they operate is different from us and ignorance leaves us, and the Maharishi has been born to us in the power of electricity. Siththur Thirumoolar Seedar of the Thirumoolar class of such a number of Rishis is our Ishvarappar. We call him mamakrishi ezhvarapparar because he has made many secrets.

Suriyasithar Maamaharishi Eswarapattar

The sun is the living soul of the living creatures but the man does not perceive himself to realize the nature of the Sartre. Plant species will only take on the nature of the genus.

Plants will only contain its character. The nature of the sulfuram is the character of the pyramid. It exhibits the character of the body and the roses of roses. But only humans do not understand their living condition and reveal the quality of the animals and the quality of the plants from their own, and leads to self-degradation. Mamakarishi Ishvarapardar gives them the best way to survive as such a great way to get away from such low degradation as the heroes of the mind. We realize that we will travel towards the light of grace. The new path will be visible. We will be mixed in grace. Arutperun will become the torch.
We will have a birth defect.

Soul Bond

One day, Tapasvi Maharaj meditated in the tears of the tears of the disciples for the cause of Ishvara Mahishishi’s body to suffer in the pain of suffering.

Tapasvi Maharaj prepared her hand medicine and sent her to his disciples to get irritated by the body. Maharshi used the medicine and the body became irritated. Then the smell of the body disappeared and a fresh aroma appeared. Afterwards, they became closer to friendship with the soul of yoga.

The temple was constructed in the temple of the temple, with the temple towers, and the rest of the temple.

Maharishi Eswarapattar Lover is a simple person who will come and follow his followers. He interacts with many people according to their yoga. He delivers his ideas in the form of texts into the minds of writings.

At the time of the resurrection of the Siddhars, we are selected by the ancient gene smell, to spread his ideas and remove the ignorance from the darkness of darkness and devote their devotees
We have chosen to set up a meditation hall to coordinate. We have also set up Maharishi’s mandate to set up the Maharishi Ishvarappattu Medayalaya.


Maharishi Eswarapattar was born as a son of Narayanapatthu, Parvathammal Month, in a small village called Iswara Mangalam near Bangalore, Karnataka. He was born in Devagangula Malakali month of Uttarakhand, a Kannada speaking industry. In childhood, the grace and the gnanasakti appeared in the form of deity.

Temple Works

According to the guidance of Maharishi Iswarvardhan, we have begun the construction of the temple near the temple of Paturewarar Perur in Coimbatore district. Maharishi revealed some of the secrets step we his hometown isvaramankalam go, the more different itankaluk go to the guidance by the occasional pitiman and diverse range of products and Maharishi lived in the home and he yokanilai the places he went to, he said, the method according to meditate and his grace to the fullest, getting Maharshis tiyanalayama After you’ve set up, where Maharshi was eluntarulvat
Maharishi has revealed. All the people who come to the meditative temple will be exhausted immediately and the blessings will be solved by the blessing of the Lord, Sarkurunthar, Maamaharishi, and Siddhiran.


Miracles and miracles began to happen to their childhood. One day before Maharshi playing in childhood, the Shiva Linga appeared before Maharshi. After he came to it, a bright, divine human image appeared to him, and he trembled to say that he was sitting on the throne. Maharshi forgot about the divine power of the divine power of Maharshi and went into the abyss. Then the divine image has disappeared. After a long time he was deeply impressed by the neighbors, and they walked up to the house, lifting the Maharishi. Their legs did not function when they tried to move inside Maharshi’s doorstep. So they put him on the front door of the house. Those who saw the Maharshi sitting on the sidewalk spoke to them in various ways that he was blushing the devil. One of the elderly people got up and did not bother the child and said he had a tease on his face. The great crowd gathered to see Mahrishi in this message. But as long as Maharshi did not raise anyone and did not speak.

But Maharshi went to the river bank during the dawn days and was regularly in deep meditation. One day he meditated at the dawn. He repeatedly refused to go home to call home. The days have moved …

Sathguru & Disciple

Maamaharishi Eswarapattar They are all over the world
Surprisingly, in his old age
He came to the palanium that is said to be Palani.
He chose his disciples here.
This is Mamakaryi Ishvarapparar
Many of the wonders are understood by their very poor penance
He did many miracles for thousands of people.
His chief disciple is Nataraj Swamigal.
Venugopal is the second disciple
Accepted. Many grace through them
He was doing. We are with these ancestors
Due to the existence of the prejudice
This has got this chance. You set up
The temple that will go will be comforting
Vattiyeswara, a marvelous temple and a marvelous temple
It is a temple and a spiritual source of spiritual love
It is sure to come to Eve.


The Maharishi had set up a cottage near the banks of the river. Ishwara Maharishi was silent and did not speak to anyone. Everybody felt that he had matured in childhood.
Maharshi’s penance and the lack of the yogas of the lame people have caused him different kinds of suffering. Maharshi, who was in the yoga position, was drunk in the kerosene. Those who were suffering came to fear and trembled.

In the middle of the night, Maharshi used to go to the river to ignore him. He did not engage himself in yoga life and the great power of Adi Shakti supported him. During his disturbing time, he was in a deeper life of Yoga. He appeared in the search bar. Tejas on the face is bright. He became body blonde. People came to meet him and offered him a small pool near the river.

One day, Thurthidar told me that he would meet with a maharishi’s friend Iswara Murthy and wish to build a small temple for the Swamigal. So the river bank was built near the shore of the river.

They set up a stage in the middle of the rug. They hired Maharishi. Maharshi was in the yoga of the day and night. At that time ..

Live Burial

Maamaharishi Eswarapparar is often a samadhi in fifty-nine places in the past and is about 60 years old. We went to some places where Mamakarishi said. During his lifetime, he will arrive at the temple where he will have a number of infinites and sages. One of his sixty souls may even be here.

Soul meditation

Your soul should be happy

It needs to cool
You have to shine it

You have to practice this.
Then it will become your custom

You must first love your mother’s father and get their love, grace, and blessings.
I have to think. Your family, your ancestors, your certificates, and the elders must receive their blessings. I have to think.

You have to think that we need to get the blessings of the infinite power and blessings.

You should think that you should run away from your attraction. You have to think that you have to do bad things that you do not know about. You have to think of your intention and word work to get all the holiness I have good intentions and good intentions for everyone I see within their thoughts. Enmity is simple. You will be able to get this spiritual meditation early in the morning that all the families in the world need to get to the mainland without getting all the resources and resources. This makes your life pure. If you do this daily, your body, body, and heart will get cleaned and become familiar when you get used to it.


The body has food, but many of us live with the body. It does not respect that life in the body, does not respect the body and does not respect life. Both the body was raised and raised. They do not breed. The desire to raise and raise the life has vanished over time.

We remove the body repression
Do we eliminate the dirt in life?

Diet for the body
What is the food for life?

These conditions can also remove the dirt from the living, like removing the urge from the body. Mamakarishi Ishvarbandar has given them their soul. That soul can also remove the dirt in our soul.