Ishwara Om Ishwara
Objectives of Mamaharishi Eswarapattar Arakattalai
Spirituality is the only weapon that teaches self-discipline to transform the future community into a religious independent environment. Although there are millions of people in the world, the sacred religion is Hindu. The sacred country is a Bharat Nation, in which the sacred portion is our Tamil Nadu. Sixth sense of knowledge helps in performing good deeds without any suffering. Health, Wealth and Family Problems can be resolved by us through your horoscope and Mercury in solid state.
1. For the first time in the world, the establishment of Thiyanalayam for Maharishi Eswarapattar
2. The rare information from the Maharshi is done by their deeds and their work on social welfare by the doctrine and sathsangam.
3. Spiritual Sathsangam to guide meditative people through the traditional medicine, astronomy, astrology, psyche secrets, training of the universe, establishing meditation and meditation halls.
4. Distribution of messages to the Maharishi’s people about Maharishi’s birth place, young age, Maharishi’s journey, Jeeva samadhi, shelter and field studies.
5. Conduct education, health, marriage and free medical camps for poor people regardless of race and religion.
6. Fulfill the food and apparel needs of poor, elderly, Orphaned people
7. Combine environmental awareness, protection of nature, emergency assistance to people affected by natural calamities, planting trees, herbal saplings and planting of nutrient plants.
8. Networking with Government and Non-Governmental Organizations
9. Spiritual Solution for Women’s Health and Mental Health Problems
10. Vocational training for youngsters and help the elderly people to develop their self-confidence, and help them heal their physical illness through special reiki, touch therapy, flower medicine, and meditation training.
11. In addition to the aforementioned, it is necessary to ensure that the collaboration and good advice are sought as needed to fulfill our objectives towards social welfare.

Man has been forced to live with many others like him. As mind oscillates, bad thoughts come into us and due to that man misses to lead happy life with others. Suddenly he likes some and he dislikes some others. When he feels success he gets self-conceit and when he feels defeated, he feels lost. He suffers from both these characters. Human life is the best opportunity towards spirituality and this Dhiyanalaya helps in such liberation.

Adhvytha, Thvydha, Vashistadhvytham and the head of Wisdom Eshwara Maharishi gracefully showed way to his disciples. I came to understand such a great saint Maharishi Eswarappattar from my childhood days and got atttracted towards his preaching. The goal of this organization is to liberate human beings from ignorance and show ways towards achieving spiritual maturity. One cannot measure the glory of Maharishi Eswarappattar through his thought process. Maharishi showed ways to many people who surrendered him, all their problems were thrown away. Maharishi’s life was a prototype to many people. People were able to understand spirituality and liberation when they met Maharishi.

Maharishi’s presence helps eliminate ignorance, doubts, crankiness from the people. People get balance from curse, sin and karmas. Mediation is the key towards spirituality. Constant mediations is very much needed towards attaining spiritual enlightenment like eyes help see through the world. Dhiyanalayam helps in focussing thoughts towards liberation. When you come to Dhiyanalayam, you will get complete peace. Your mind will calm down and your soul will get purified.

star-icon Spirutuality is the pleasure of our soul.

Rishis, Yogis and Spirutual greats live in this world not to get benefits for them but for the betterment of common people. There are people with Great personalities, mind blowing wisdom and excellent qualities. One such saint with all the above qualities was born and he wrote “Abhirami Anthathi” as “Abhirami Pattar” and he was the one and only Maharishi Eswarappattar. His enlightening thoughts and words live in thousands and thousands of common public.We are building a great Dhiyanalayam for such greatest saint Maharishi Eswarappattar. Our Maharishi had taught this society about better ways and directions to lead this one time opportunity to live as human beings.
One’s spark in the mind spreads to other minds as well. One flame from a lamp can ignite many lamps. Those who do not think about serving the people are considered as the one who does harm to the people. The people in need are to be supported. We and Maharishi are the passengers of the soul and we love the soul.

Our Maharishi is a soul, a sage, anthatma, a siddha purushar, his thoughts and wishes are the need of the hour and as they are very much needed for the common people and the society, we are forced to build a Dhiyanalayam for the society. Our desire for our rule must be within our conscience and it should not be ruled out. Elders say that living in the forest is difficult. Despite the wild animals in the forest, the universe has given different faces to identify them. It is very difficult to live in this country. Because masculinity is the same for human beings. We can not find the fox, snake, tiger and lion in the house and take it to the house with the tiger. It comes from qualities. Those qualities develop in thoughts. The sanctuary is to be cleared by the Ishwara Maharishi to clean up those ideas.

star-icon The “Dhiyanalayam” is to be built near Perur Patteswarar Temple in Coimbatore District.

We humbly request all the loving, wise and spiritually growing/matured people to donate and help set up the epicenter. Sun is the head of the planets, the greatest of the creatures in the human, but human doesn’t either understand himself or the surrounding nature. Plants take their own nature from the fellow plants. Similarly animals take their nature from the fellow animals. But human beings on the other hand take their nature from animals and plants and they put themselves in a wrong shoe. In order to help us come out of such worst nature of the human beings, great spiritual saints like Maharishi Eswarappattar were born in this world. We as human beings should understand such saint’ presence and come out with flying colors spiritually, mentally and economically.

star-icon History of Maharishi Eswarappattar

As saints and Maharishis spend their birth for revamping this soceity and this world, one should not research on where the mahrishis came from. History of Maharishi satifies the human hearts, fulfills the thought process and gives plasure to the soul.

Maharishi Eshwarappattar was born in Ishwaramangala near Mangalore in Karnataka. His father’s name was Narayanappattar and his mother name was Parvadhammal. He was born in the kannada language speaking family with weaving as their business. There was no deficiency of wonders in Maharishi’s young age. When he was a small boy and playing in the street, a Shivalinga appeared in front of him and after he prayed, shivalinga asked Maharishi to sit down and relax. When he sat down, a light from Shivalinga touched the center of the Maharishi’s forehead and he fainted. The public who saw the boy laying down lifted and took him to his home and left his outside the house. The boy got enlightened and his behaviour was misunderstood by the people.