Got Employment

Got Employment

My name is Mahesh. I am a paparazzi. I ended up in college and tried to work in many places. When I went to Coimbatore, I went to Perur Pattiswarar temple. There I found a pamphlet of Mamakarishi Iswarbandar. I went to the place where I was in a meditative way. There were about fifty people gathered there. One of them was surprised to call Mahesh for me. At the same time, it was fearful. Then they told me about me. I will get a job within 48 days. They made some mistakes. I pointed to the temple near my house and told them to pray around the temple 11 o’clock in the afternoon for 48 days. Essarra Maharishi’s photography told them to keep them in the pocket. A month later, my relative from abroad got a good job in the largest company based on recommendation. My thanks to Maharishi and his disciple.

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