Om Ishwara Gurudeva

Man has to live with others. The mind often breaks down because of the presence of evil feelings. So the man misses life and lives in peace with others. Suddenly some people hate and despair. When the pleasure comes, the pride comes. There is also a tragedy that causes trouble. He can not change these two moods. Human life is an outstanding opportunity for spiritual life. The epicenter took the opportunity for our spirituality.

Advaita, Duvantam, Vasishtha Vidya Vidyaswamy, the grace of Ishvarakarisaki sakshasthas the grace of the Lord, Suturugu Arumalani Siddhur, eeswararapparumaraiyarai the glory of the knowledge. From my young age. In this case, love of selfless love and mythological languages for reasoning attracted me as magnetism.

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